Lihie Gilhar

Adult, Adolescent & Child Psychotherapy

Clinical Psychologist

Neurosis is always

a substitute for legitimate suffering


I am a South African trained clinical psychologist since 2006

whose three degrees have been obtained at :


- B.A. and Bachelor of Honours in Psychology at The   University of the Witwatersrand (First Class).

- Masters in Clinical Psychology at The University of Pretoria (with

   distinction and honorary colours).


I have published a JOURNAL article – my Masters Thesis in the, "The Psycho-analytic Psychotherapy in South Africa - Volume 16 , No 2, 2008". In addition, I have published a book, "Voiceless, in a Starving Inner World" that is now available online at numerous sites, for one.


I have been working in the field for the past 14years and have my private practice where I treat children, adolescents and adults.


Therapy is done either in Hebrew or English in a psychodynamic approach. I made aliyah to Israel 12 years ago and my private practice is in Tel-Aviv where I treat children, adolescents and adults with all emotional difficulties - such as depression, loss , anxiety, panic attacks, relationship difficulties, eating disorders ( binge eating, anorexia and bulimia ), overweight - emotional eating, struggles around sexual identity, Skin Picking Disorder, OCD, BDD ( Body Dysmorphic Disorder ) , couples therapy, family therapy and personality disorders.

Work Experience

I have various therapeutic experiences, having worked in South Africa at :

-  Helen Joseph Hospital in the Adult Psychiatric Ward.

-  Tara Hospital in the Adolescents and Eating Disorders Ward.

-  Baragwaneth Hospital in the Child Psychiatry Ward.

-  Weskoppies Child and Adult Psychiatric Closed Ward.

-  Running groups in Prisons with sexual offenders.

-  Teddy Bear Clinic offering counselling for children that were sexually abused


In Israel I have worked at :

-  Mahon Green, Private Clinic offering therapy to Adults,          

    Adolescents and Children.

-  School Psychologist at Tabetha School.

-  Abarbanel Hospital, female closed ward.

-  Autistic Children at Aloot.

-  Children in Foster care - Yeldey Israel.

Published Work

The Inner worlds of Anorexia and Bulimia

A comparative exploration of internal object relations in eating disordered women.

Published Book

Voiceless, in a Starving Inner World

The inner worlds of anorexia and bulimia: A comparative exploration of internal object relations in eating disordered women.

Video Interviews

 2 Interviews for Askimo T.V


Adult, Adolescent & Child Psychotherapy

Private Practice in Tel-Aviv - Jaffo​

Tel. 054-7890704

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